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Gentle Vision Shaping Therapy (no glasses, no surgery)


Wavefront Corneal Molding at Complete Eye Care!Complete Eye Care can free you from the daytime dependency on glasses and contact lenses. We have the most technologically advanced and scientifically based form of orthokeratology-- Wavefront Corneal Molding.

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Wavefront Corneal Molding (WCM) is to orthokeratology (OK) what computer assisted designing (CAD) is to pencil and paper sketches. The fundamental concept with each process is reshaping (flattening) the cornea of the eye by use of a RGP contact lens or mold to reduce refractive errors. After nighttime wear of the mold, it is removed and the cornea retains its flattened shape for the remainder of the day and up to three days with Wavefront Corneal Molding. This means you can see clearly without glasses or contacts all day. You can swim, play sports, or work without any correction and have clear, comfortable vision. The mold must be worn every first to third night to maintain the corneal flattening or the refractive error will revert to pre treatment levels.

Present day Corneal Molding has been in use for over 40 years. Recently, there have been many changes in the design, which utilizes the up to 14,000 readings of each patients unique cornea when captured with a Scout topographer (the same type of instrument used when having wavefront guided LASIK surgery) which is then analyzed by the advanced Wave softwear for study by our doctors. A unique corneal mold is designed based on the patient's specific corneal surface, corneal size and shape factors, pupil diameter, spectacle prescription, corneal physiology, and epithelial thickness. WCM is the only process, which utilizes a specific, and proven process of selecting candidates, analyzing data and custom mold design yielding over 95% success.

Complete Eye Care is one of only two practices in the entire state of North Carolina which has this technologically advanced Wavefront Corneal Molding system.

Is Corneal Molding Right for Me?

Clear, comfortable vision without glasses or contacts
No age limitations
May help slow nearsightedness
Lower cost than Laser Surgery

Only you can make the final decision in consultation with your doctor and we want you to have all the information you need to make the right choice. Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to helping you see life in a whole new way!

Who Can Benefit Most from Corneal Molding?

Corneal molding is an excellent option for athletes, children who are too young for laser surgery, and anyone whose job or hobby environments are too dusty or otherwise not conductive to contact lenses or glasses. It is also a great option for anyone who wants freedom from day-time glasses or contacts.

What Does Corneal Molding Involve?

First, a comprehensive eye health examination is performed. Next, a computerized instrument called a corneal topographer is used to obtain a precise map of the cornea, which is the front surface of the eye. This information, along with your prescription and eye health information, is used to determine your status as a good candidate for corneal molding. Wavefront corneal molding designs a mold from 14,000 individual points on your cornea. Each mold is individually designed for each patient to fit specifically on your cornea.

Myopia (nearsightedness) and /or astigmatism can be treated with WCM. Flattening of the central cornea moves the focal points back on the retina, which creates crystal clear vision.

Children and adults can be treated with WCM. Additionally, slowing to stopping progressive myopia (nearsightedness) in children is frequently realized by controlling the axial length of the eye. This results in fewer to no changes in the child's prescription, which avoids the likelihood of the need for thick glasses when he/she is a teenager.

One millionth of a meter is one micron, which is the increment of measurement used with WCM. 6 (six) microns of corneal flattening relieves one diopter of myopia approximately 50 microns thick. WCM affects only this layer of cells and in fact simply repositions intra cellular water within the anterior layer of this corneal skin.

Topography is the measurement of surface elevations. The Scout corneal topographer measures up to 14,000 points on the surface of the cornea. This information is used to design a unique and precise corneal mold to the sensitivity of one micron. Corneal topographers are similarly used with the current cutting edge LASIK procedure which allows the surgeon to provide custom laser ablations. In fact, the utilization of topographical information has been used for more years in Orthokeratology than it has been used with LASIK refractive surgery.

LASIK surprisingly produces nearly exactly the same post treatment maps as WCM. Though the processes are distinctly different, and their pros and cons should be carefully weighed, successful outcomes by either procedure result in fantastic uncorrected vision.

Advantages - Freedom from daytime glasses and contact lenses. Relief from daytime contact lens complications- Sports performance-swimming, soccer, skiing, biking Safe-Non-surgical-Reversible-Adjustable.

For more information on Wavefront Corneal Molding go to: www.ortho-k.net.


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