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Optometrist Tega Cay

Visit Complete Eye Care for an Optometrist Near Tega Cay

Our optometrist works near Tega Cay.

Do you want an optometrist in the Tega Cay area? Complete Eye Care is the clinic that offers you great eye care services without making you travel far for your eye care. So whether you just need an exam or require an intensive treatment for your eyes, our optometrist near Tega Cay, at Complete Eye Care, has what you need.

There is a variety of exams available by eye doctors to make sure that your eyes are in good health. You can start with having an annual comprehensive eye exam to monitor any changes in your vision and eye health, but having retinal exams, visual field testing, and other additional exams can help you make sure that your eyes are healthy and functioning well. Pediatric exams for children can also help children who are struggling in school or having headaches related to eye strain. Making sure that children have vision correction if they need it is important, and our optometrist in the Tega Cay area can make sure that kids get what they need in corrective lenses.

Eye diseases are progressive, so testing for them and treating them properly is essential. When you come to Complete Eye Care, you can have your eyes checked for the signs of diseases like glaucoma, which can progress far before the symptoms begin to interfere with your normal life. Getting tested and treated properly for a disease like glaucoma can help you avoid further damage and help you retain your healthy vision.

LASIK is an option for patients, who want to give up lenses completely, but it isn’t for everyone, and patients may want to avoid the discomfort and recovery time for LASIK. In that case, the orthokeratology procedure may be a good option for your eyes. With orthokeratology, your vision is improved by reshaping the eye gradually, using a device like a lens that you would wear at night. Our eye doctor near Tega Cay can advise you whether LASIK or orthokeratology are right for you.

Optometrist Serving Tega Cay

When you visit Complete Eye Care, you will find that we offer many services you need, including:

-Eye exams

-treatment of disease

-help for dry eyes

-retinal exams

-computer vision syndrome treatment

-visual field testing

-co-management of LASIK


Whatever your eyes need, Complete Eye Care, your optometrist in the Tega Cay area, offers the services and treatments you need in a location convenient to where you are.

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