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Emily’s Vision Therapy Story

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Reading Problems in Charlotte

Emily lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and initially complained of having trouble with reading and reading comprehension. She also complained of making errors when copying from the board, trouble with spelling and tired eyes. This left Emily frustrated when it came to reading and other school-related work. Homework became an everyday battle and challenge. Both Emily and her mom could not understand why reading had always been so hard, especially since mom described Emily as a bright, creative child.

Emily’s mom had been told about vision therapy at Complete Eye Care from a family friend whose child had completed a vision therapy program successfully and improved their school performance drastically. She learned that Dr. Laura Ashe is residency trained and specializes in both Pediatric Optometry and Vision Therapy, and works to help children improve their visual skills, reading, and school performance.

The Answer: Vision Therapy

Emily was seen by Dr. Laura Ashe who has been helping both children and adults improve their everyday life through vision therapy. A program of vision therapy was recommended and specifically designed by Dr. Laura Ashe to help Emily meet her visual goals of better reading and better grades in school. Emily worked diligently with vision therapist, Janet, both in the office and at home. Her vision therapy program targeted her poor reading eye movements, uncoordinated eye teaming and visual processing difficulties. Currently, Emily is making better grades, and reading has become much easier for her since the words have stopped moving on the page after vision therapy.

Both Emily and her mom are ecstatic about the results from vision therapy at Complete Eye Care! Reading and homework are no longer an everyday battle, and Emily feels much more confident both at school and life.

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