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Vision Therapy helped Drayton’s Amblyopia


Drayton is a 13 year old boy with a great sense of humor.  He came for his annual exam in June of 2017 at Complete Eye Care.  Drayton’s mom was worried about his right eye being affected by amblyopia (lazy eye).   She was also concerned about his depth perception.

Drayton was having a difficult time seeing the smart board.  He also could not see 3D. He had patched his non-amblyopic eye for 5 years without any improvement or success.  Needless to say, his right eye was not working at all, the eyes were not working as a team, and were also not tracking well.

After completing vision therapy at Complete Eye Care guided by Dr. Ashe, and Liz, his vision therapist, Drayton’s right eye is now more active, and his eyes are working better together.  His right eye is not shutting down and his depth perception has greatly improved. Drayton can see the smart board, and his tracking has improved his reading. Drayton can now enjoy 3D movies since completing vision therapy.  We are proud of your hard work!

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