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Tadan Likes To Read After Vision Therapy

Tadan is a 7 year old baseball player who would become very frustrated in reading particularly.

His parents were frustrated as well because they knew that Tadan was a smart child, but he was several reading levels behind his peers. Tadan’s parents tried everything to get Tadan to read for fun in hopes that his reading ability would improve, but Tadan was not interested.

Upon further examination, it was discovered that Tadan was having headaches and trouble keeping his place when reading. He was diagnosed with both eye teaming and eye tracking dysfunctions. Vision Therapy was recommended to help.

After working with therapist, Janet, at Complete Eye Care, under the direction of Dr. Laura Ashe, Tadan now has less headaches. His parents are shocked that Tadan likes to read for fun now after Vision Therapy. Tadan’s dad also notes that his performance in baseball has greatly improved since finishing Vision Therapy!

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