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After A Car Accident, Vision Therapy Helped Austin

Austin is a 33 year old male who came to us after a head injury from a car accident.  Austin had typical symptoms of someone post concussion. He felt dizzy, had headaches & was nauseated when watching moving objects. His headaches were severe & debilitating. His right eye was not able to follow objects smoothly.  He was also unable to diverge (merge the picture both eyes present the brain at a distance), or  or converge (merge the picture both eyes present the brain close up)  well.

Vision therapy was a challenge for Austin, due to the severity of his injury.  Many activities caused an increase in symptoms initially.  However, Austin was determined, and with adjustments was able to make great progress.  His headaches & nausea diminished as he continued therapy.

To learn more about vision therapy after traumatic brain injury in the Charlotte area, visit our Neuro Optometry page

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