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Chloe had Trouble Distinguishing Left & Right

Chloe was a 9 yr old with trouble in math, was clumsy, often running into things. She also had trouble with distinguishing Left & Right. A vision therapy exam revealed that Chloe’s eyes were not aligning when moving, especially when trying to look at objects close to her. She also had poor depth perception.

Chloe has done remarkably well since vision therapy. She reports that math is easier, She is running into things much less frequently due to her increased ability to merge objects and judge their distance. She scores perfectly on depth perception tests now. She is able to merge objects when close and keep them merged when they move. She is also made great improvements in her ability to process information obtained visually.

If you know someone having trouble with left/right, eye alignment, depth perception, give us a call or learn more on our vision therapy page.