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Addison Shines After Vision Therapy

Addison is a 12 year old boy who is extremely intelligent, but was frustrated with school.

He complained about frequent headaches, trouble keeping his place when reading, and problems with balance.

Addison would notice that his right eye seemed to turn off or suppress at times. This made school work difficult for Addison. It was determined that Addison had a condition called Amblyopia, or lazy eye, in his right eye. Lazy Eye led to his problems of eye tracking, headaches, and balance issues. Addison completed a program of Vision Therapy here at Complete Eye Care. This was not easy for him and he had to work very hard in Vision Therapy to ensure that his right eye remained turned on. For Addison, headaches and clumsiness are a thing of the past. Addison’s mom says that he’s doing better in school and is a much more confident kid!

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