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Alternative Solution to Sleeping in Soft Contacts: John’s Story

John is 49 years old, lives in Kannapolis, North Carolina, and had worn soft contacts for years.  He was like many people and sometimes forgot to take his contact lenses out and replace them as regularly as he should.

He came to Complete Eye Care in Belmont, North Carolina for an eye exam and learned about corneal molding (orthokeratology).  Corneal molding can be a way for people to see clearly without glasses, daytime contacts, or surgery.  John was extremely interested and asked Dr. Barbara Marcussen if he was a candidate for this orthokeratology procedure.  Dr. Marcussen explained to John that he was a candidate for GVSS (Gentle Vision Shaping System), Complete Eye Care’s version of orthokeratology.  John was able to be fit with a special contact lens which he would wear at bedtime only.  Once John woke up in the morning, he would take the lens out and have clear, crisp 20/20 vision all day long without any glasses or daytime contacts.

John loved the idea of seeing clearly all day without glasses or contact lenses and he did not have to undergo surgery!  He decided to go through with GVSS, a procedure that has been around for many years and is FDA approved.  Orthokeratology is an excellent solution to treat myopia or nearsightedness.

John simply wears the specially designed contact lenses at night while he sleeps and his corneas are slowly and gently reshaped.  He wakes up and takes out the special contact lenses.  John is able to see 20/20 all day without any correction!  He loves the freedom of clear vision without any surgery required.

John is thrilled with his vision and is happy he made the decision to treat his nearsightedness with GVSS at Complete Eye Care.

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