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Amy’s Glasses Made Things Look Too Small


Amy lives in Gastonia, North Carolina and she works at Holy Angels. She was seen for an eye exam at Complete Eye Care and needed contact lenses. Amy has worn contacts for years because she is extremely nearsighted. She has over 14 diopters of nearsightedness. This means any objects beyond 10 inches from her face will be blurry without contact lenses. Amy sees much better in contact lenses than glasses due to the distortion in glasses that happens to very nearsighted people. When a person has higher amounts of nearsightedness their eyeglass lenses are thick. This causes minification, which is when images appear smaller than real life-size. People with high amounts of nearsightedness actually see better with contacts because minification does not happen with contact lenses.
Amy knew she needed to wear contacts to have sharp vision, but she experiences some discomfort due to dry eyes with soft contact lenses. Dr. Laura Ashe at Complete Eye Care suggested she try Scleral contact lenses to give her sharp clear vision and improve her dry eye symptoms. Scleral contact lenses are custom designed based on a topography reading which maps 11,000 points on the cornea. The lenses are individually designed to allow the most comfortable and sharp vision. Oasis Tears Plus is placed in the bowl and allows relief from dry eye symptoms.
Amy is very happy she was fit in custom designed Scleral contact lenses. She now experiences clear sharp vision without any dry eye complications.

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