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Ava’s Eye’s Have Not Changed Prescription Since Starting Ortho K


Ava is from Belmont, North Carolina and she was diagnosed with nearsightedness when she was thirteen years old. Her parents did not want to watch Ava’s vision get worse each year. They knew since she developed myopia or nearsightedness as a child, her vision will continue to get worse each year as she grows. They took her to Complete Eye Care in Belmont where she saw Dr. Harald Vaher.
Ava’s parents were glad when they heard something could be done to stop Ava’s vision from progressively getting worse. It is called GVSS or Gentle Vision Shaping System. It has been around for years and helps thousands of people who are nearsighted. GVSS is a form of Orthokeratology where a specially designed contact lens is placed on the eye at night before bed and is removed in the morning after waking up. The eye is reshaped over night with the GVSS contact and allows crisp, sharp vision all day without any daytime glasses or contacts.
Ava has loved not wearing any daytime glasses or contacts lenses because it allows her clear vision all day. She feels free and doesn’t have to worry about glasses or contacts while jumping in a pool, or riding an amusement park ride. Her parents like knowing they are doing the best possible thing to slow down the progression of her nearsightedness as much as they could to improve vision and eye health.
People with higher amounts of nearsightedness are more likely to develop Cataracts, Glaucoma, Myopic Macular Degeneration, and Retinal Detachments. They have been so happy with the results achieved by Ava’s custom designed WAVE GVSS contact lenses by Complete Eye Care. Ava’s eyes have not gotten worse since she started wearing GVSS lenses. Her vision has stayed stable. This means she is at less risk of developing an eye disease such as Retinal Detachments or Glaucoma later in life. Ava says she would recommend GVSS to anyone since it is quick, easy, and a pain free option to clear sharp vision all day without glasses or contacts.

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