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Baylee’s confidence soared with Vision Therapy


Baylee is a very happy 9-year-old girl.  Baylee’s mom was frustrated with the struggles she was having with reading.  Baylee would skip words, make up words when she didn’t know them and re-read lines a lot.  The words looked like they were moving on the page, and she would see double. She could only read 10 minutes at a time but was required to read 20 minutes for homework and school.

Dr. Ashe found that Baylee’s eyes were not tracking and working together properly.  She was having difficulty converging (moving the eyes in) and diverging (moving the eyes out) her eyes. Her eyes were fighting each other and not working as a team.   Dr. Ashe suggested vision therapy under the guidance of Liz, one of the vision therapists at Complete Eye Care. Baylee enjoyed vision therapy, always coming into Complete Eye Care with a big smile.

After completing Vision Therapy, Baylee’s confidence soared!  Her reading has improved and she is not making words up anymore.  Baylee’s reading comprehension is much better, which was not the case prior.  We are proud of your hard work and success Baylee!

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