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Bifocal Scleral Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes and Astigmatism

Brian, who lives in Gastonia, NC, was recently seen at Complete Eye Care to have his eyes examined.  Brian works at the newly built Publix in Lake Wylie, SC and happens to have a high prescription in both eyes.  He has a lot of astigmatism so he had to wear toric soft contact lenses which are soft contacts to correct astigmatism.  However, Brian has dry eyes, which was causing his eyes to become red and burn when he wore his daily soft toric contact lenses.  Because he had a high prescription, Brian felt that he saw better in his contact lenses than in his glasses so he would often wear them even though his eyes would get red and burn.  He also needed contacts because his job required him to go into a cooler throughout the day and his glasses continued to fog up with the temperature difference of the cooler and the store.

Brian saw Dr. Barbara Marcussen who fit him in a scleral contact lens.  These lenses were bifocal scleral lenses which were custom designed to correct for his high nearsightedness and high astigmatism as well as allow him to see up close and distance.  Brian is thrilled with having bifocal scleral contact lenses because now he is not having to wear reading glasses when attempting to see up close.  He is no longer having dry eye issues since his scleral contact lenses are filled with a non-preserved artificial tear gel before putting them on, which bathes the eye in a smooth lubricating drop all day long.

Brian is excited to experience the freedom of a contact lens again without any dry eye issues.  He is enjoying not wearing his glasses which were fogging up at work and he says that he has not had to use any reading glasses since going to the new scleral bifocal contact lenses.

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