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Post Lasik Complications? Scleral Contacts Can Help

LASIK left Lori with poor vision

Lori lives in Mount Holly, North Carolina, and she had Lasik surgery in Charlotte, N.C. several years ago. Her Lasik surgery results were not what she had hoped so her Lasik surgeon recommended an enhancement procedure to improve her vision after Lasik. Lori ended up having multiple Lasik procedures trying to get clearer vision. Unfortunately, she ultimately ended up with extremely poor vision in each eye. Her eye prescription ended up being 20 steps of farsightedness due to overcorrection from the Lasik procedure and 20 steps of astigmatism which resulted from the multiple procedures. Lori was miserable with her results and wanted to find out if anyone could help her get clear vision again after her poor Lasik results.

The safest option for post LASIK complications

Lori made an appointment as a new patient with Dr. Barbara Marcussen at Complete Eye Care in Belmont, N.C. because she heard Dr. Marcussen specialized in helping people who had poor Lasik results achieve clear vision again.

Dr. Marcussen gave Lori an eye exam where she found Lori to have irregular astigmatism from her Lasik surgery and a very high prescription. Lori’s best option for clear vision after Lasik surgery was a Scleral contact lens because it would correct for the higher amounts of astigmatism, farsightedness, and be safe for her corneas. People who have had multiple surgeries often end up with corneal scars, as was the case with Lori. A scleral lens was the safest option since it vaults over the cornea and does not touch the cornea like a soft contact lens.

Scleral lenses helped Lori after Lasik

Dr. Marcussen is a certified WAVE designer and she personally designs all the Scleral lenses she fits. This ensures a custom fit lens thereby creating the best comfort and vision possible with a contact lens. Dr. Marcussen designed a Scleral lens for Lori based on a topography reading of 11,000 points on Lori’s cornea. Lori put the Scleral contact lens on and was absolutely thrilled with how extremely sharp her vision was. Lori was very excited to have comfortable vision again. Since the Scleral contact lens was designed to vault over her damaged cornea, it was extremely comfortable. Lori was able to fill the Scleral contact lens with preservative-free Oasis Tears Plus which bathed the cornea in a nice wet smooth solution all day long so Lori’s eyes were not dry like they were after her Lasik Surgery. Lori is very happy she was fit in her custom Scleral contact lenses. She can now see the facial expressions of her two small children which she was unable to do after Lasik surgery due to her poor results. Lori feels like being fit in her custom-designed WAVE Scleral lenses has been a gift of restored sight.

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Amy’s Glasses Made Things Look Too Small

Amy lives in Gastonia, North Carolina and she works at Holy Angels. She was seen for an eye exam at Complete Eye Care and needed contact lenses. Amy has worn contacts for years because she is extremely nearsighted. She has over 14 diopters of nearsightedness. This means any objects beyond 10 inches from her face will be blurry without contact lenses. Amy sees much better in contact lenses than glasses due to the distortion in glasses that happens to very nearsighted people. When a person has higher amounts of nearsightedness their eyeglass lenses are thick. This causes minification, which is when images appear smaller than real life-size. People with high amounts of nearsightedness actually see better with contacts because minification does not happen with contact lenses.
Amy knew she needed to wear contacts to have sharp vision, but she experiences some discomfort due to dry eyes with soft contact lenses. Dr. Laura Ashe at Complete Eye Care suggested she try Scleral contact lenses to give her sharp clear vision and improve her dry eye symptoms. Scleral contact lenses are custom designed based on a topography reading which maps 11,000 points on the cornea. The lenses are individually designed to allow the most comfortable and sharp vision. Oasis Tears Plus is placed in the bowl and allows relief from dry eye symptoms.
Amy is very happy she was fit in custom designed Scleral contact lenses. She now experiences clear sharp vision without any dry eye complications.

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Robby’s Scleral Lenses Are Covered By Insurance

Robert (Robby) is from Dallas, NC (north of Gastonia) and came to Complete Eye Care in Belmont, NC for an exam. He reported his right eye was a “lazy” eye and he could not see anything out if it. Robby was found to be very nearsighted in his right eye and he was also a little nearsighted in his left eye. His vision had never been corrected in his right eye because if there is a big difference in the prescription between the two eyes and glasses are made with this difference then the image sizes would be different between the two eyes leading to headaches and strain and possibly double vision.

When Robbie was seen at Complete Eye Care, it was recommended by Dr. Harald Vaher that he be fit in scleral contact lenses. These contact lenses do not cause the difference in image size that glasses would cause for Robby and they also can correct for the higher amounts of astigmatism that Robby has. Complete Eye Care was able to work with Robby’s insurance company and filed his contact lenses under his visually necessary portion of his insurance so they covered his entire fitting and the special scleral lenses.

Robby was seen for topography measurements and scleral contacts lenses were specially designed for his eyes. He put them on for the first time and could not believe how comfortable they were. He was amazed since he was not used to wearing contacts how good they felt in his eyes. He had absolutely no issues with comfort with the lenses and did not even feel them in his eyes.

He now had the proper prescription in front of his right eye for the first time in years and can actually use that eye. This will allow the vision in that right eye to slowly improve over time and allow Robby to have better depth perception.

Robby is so excited to finally be able to use his right eye for the first time in years due to his being fit in scleral contact lenses. He is enjoying life with depth perception or the first time in years.

Sharon No Longer Experiences Dryness or Discomfort

Sharon is a 58 year old woman from Gastonia, NC and she noticed that her eyes were getting more and more dry as she got older. She had tried several types of contact lenses however they all felt dry in here eyes after just a short time and her vision would get fuzzy. Sharon had some astigmatism which made it difficult to get good vision in soft contact lenses. She wore glasses all the time to see clear, however she did not like having to always have glasses on her face.

She came to Complete Eye Care in Belmont NC and saw Dr. Barbara Marcussen who specializes in scleral contact lenses.

Scleral contacts are ideal for people who have dry eyes because before inserting the lens, a preservative free artificial tear solution is placed in the bowl of the lens which gently bathes the cornea or front part of the eye preventing any dryness from occurring. For this reason, scleral contact lenses are much better than soft contacts lenses for people with dry eyes.

Scleral contact lenses also correct for astigmatism better than soft contacts and correct for higher amounts of astigmatism. Scleral contacts are very comfortable since they rest on the conjunctiva or the white part of the eye just like a soft contact lens.

Sharon was happy to know that Dr. Barbara Marcussen fits Wave scleral contact lenses which are the most custom fit contacts available. They were individually designed based on a topography reading of 11,000 points on Sharon’s cornea. That means they were custom designed and made just for her individual cornea.

Sharon put on her scleral lenses and was amazed at how comfortable they were. The best part is after she wore them all day, she did not experience any dryness or discomfort like she had in the past with soft contact lenses. Sharon says she is simply amazed at how crisp and sharp her vision is with her scleral contact lenses from Complete Eye Care. She loves not having to wear her glasses all day long and is thrilled to have been fit into custom designed scleral contact lenses from Dr. Barbara Marcussen at Complete Eye Care.

Gabi See’s Clearer With Custom Contact Lenses

Gabi is 7 years old and was seen at Complete Eye Care in Belmont, NC by Dr. Laura Ashe who performed a complete eye exam and found Gabi to be very nearsighted and also have a high amount of astigmatism. Gabi had worn glasses since she was 2 years old, however Dr. Ashe recommended contact lenses due to Gabi’s very high prescription. People who are very nearsighted see more clearly with contact lenses. Contacts sit right on the cornea of the eye therefore they allow better peripheral vision. Contacts also do not cause the minification of the image size like glasses do for people with high prescriptions. For these reasons, contacts allow better vision for people with high prescriptions. Gabi had a high amount of astigmatism so scleral contact lenses were the best type of contacts for her. Scleral contacts correct for astigmatism better than toric soft contacts by allowing more stable, clear vision. They are also very comfortable and easy to take care of. Gabi was measured for scleral lenses and then these lenses were custom designed just for her based on her own individual corneal topography reading which is based on 11,000 points of power and elevation. This personal individually designed lens then perfectly contours her cornea resulting in clearer more comfortable vision. Gabi put on her scleral contacts and read down the eye chart even further than she did with her glasses. Gabi can’t believe how clear she can see with her specially designed contacts. Scleral contacts sit right on the eye so she does not have any issues with things looking smaller of distorted out to the side that she did when she wore her glasses. Gabi had never worn contact lenses before so she was very pleasantly surprised at how comfortable these contacts were to wear. Gabi is really enjoying the new found freedom she is experiencing with sharper, clearer vision thanks to her scleral contact lenses.

Scleral Lenses After A Corneal Graft Transplant

John Nesto is from Charlotte, N.C. He came to Complete Eye Care in Belmont, N.C. because he needed a solution due to complicated vision issues. John had Keratoconus in both eyes and he had a corneal graft done in his left eye to try to treat the Keratoconus. John was not able to see clearly with John came in from Charlotte NC for Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus and post corneal graft glasses because of the Keratoconus and the resulting corneal transplant.

John came in from Charlotte to see Dr. Barbara Marcussen who fit him with scleral contact lenses. Dr. Marcussen is a certified wave designer who individually designs each scleral lens for every patient she sees. She first takes a topography reading of 11,000 points on each cornea and then designs the lens to individually match all 11,000 points of John’s corneas. Since John had a corneal transplant in one eye it is very important that the lens not touch any part of the graft to ensure that there is no discomfort. Dr. Marcussen uses OCT images to measure the microns between the back surface on the scleral lens and the front surface of the cornea. This ensures a healthy graft while wearing the contact lenses.

People like John who have Keratoconus or corneal graft transplants need scleral lenses to see clearly. Keratoconus causes irregular astigmatism which cannot be corrected with traditional eyeglasses. Therefore, people who have Keratoconus do not see clearly with glasses but have much improved vision with scleral contact lenses. John had also undergone a corneal transplant and since his corneal graft caused significant visual distortion due to irregular astigmatism, he needed a scleral lens in that eye also.

A scleral lens in the safest way to correct for irregular astigmatism after a corneal graft because once a corneal transplant has been done, no part of the cornea should be touched with a contact lens. Scleral lenses are completely safe since they can be measured to ensure they vault over the cornea. This is the reason that Dr. Marcussen measured the micron distance between John’s cornea and scleral lens, to ensure with 100% accuracy that the eye with the Keratoconus was not touched by the lens. She also measured the eye with the corneal graft to make sure the transplanted cornea was not touched by the scleral lens.

John was able to achieve 20/25 vision in both the eye with Keratoconus and the eye with the corneal graft. He has clear, comfortable vision all day and is very happy with the scleral contact lenses he was fitted for at Complete Eye Care in Belmont, N.C.

Finding Clear, Comfortable Vision All Day: Tonja’s Story

Tonja was seen by an optometrist in Charlotte, North Carolina and she was found to have Keratoconus. She has undergone a corneal transplant in each eye and reported having decreased vision in both eyes. Tonja was referred to Dr. Barbara Marcussen at Complete Eye Care because she specialized in fitting contact lenses for people who have had eye surgery such as corneal transplants or patients who have Keratoconus.

Tonja was examined by Dr. Marcussen and was found to have irregular astigmatism. This type of astigmatism cannot be corrected with glasses. People who have undergone any type of corneal surgery such as Radial Keratotomy, or R. K., or corneal transplants also have decreased vision with glasses due to irregular astigmatism.

The best solution for people with Keratoconus or previous corneal surgery is a rigid contact lens. Rigid contact lenses are able to correct for all of the irregular astigmatism caused by corneal surgery.

Scleral contact lenses are one type of these rigid lenses that are an excellent solution for anyone who has undergone any type of corneal surgery or who has Keratoconus.

They do not touch the cornea at all so they are extremely comfortable. They can be worn all day without discomfort. They provide exceptional vision due to their ability to correct for irregular astigmatism. Since they vault over the cornea, scleral contact lenses are the safest option for people who have undergone corneal transplant surgery.

Tonja was fit in scleral contacts and her vision went from 20/60 with her glasses to 20/25+ with scleral contacts. She reported clear, comfortable vision all day.

Tonja drove 3 ½ hours one way to be fit in these scleral contacts because there was not any doctor who specialized in scleral contact lenses closer to her. Tonja says the drive was worth it to have clear, sharp, comfortable vision all day!

Scleral Contacts for Keratoconus: Annette’s Story

Annette is a travel nurse from Gastonia, NC and came to Complete Eye Care in Belmont, NC for an eye exam. Annette wore glasses and could only correct to 20/100- with her glasses. She stated that she struggled to see while driving and could not drive at night at all due to issues with glare and reflections. She could not see clearly in the grocery store and struggled in seminars to see the speaker and projection screen clearly.

Annette was found to have Keratoconus which is an eye disease of the cornea. It causes progressive steepening of the cornea which results in irregular astigmatism. This irregular astigmatism is not able to be corrected with glasses. The treatment for Keratoconus has been a hard contact lens but many people such as Annette could not tolerate the discomfort of a hard lens.

Scleral contact lenses have been used to treat Keratoconus recently because they give all the benefits of a hard contact lens such as clear, comfortable vision with the comfort of a soft lens. Scleral lenses can be Wavefront designed so they fit perfectly on the eye and safely vault over the cornea. Since Keratoconus causes a steeping of the cornea, it is important that scleral lenses are fit which precise design.

Dr. Barbara Marcussen at Complete Eye Care is a certified Wave designer who designs scleral contact lenses based on a topography reading of 11,000 points on the cornea. The scleral lens can then be designed precisely to vault over the cornea so it is safe for people with Keratoconus. An OCT image map is then used to show the precise amount of clearance over the cornea and how well the lens vaults over the cornea and how it leaned gently onto the conjunctiva.

When Annette put on her scleral contact lenses for the first time and saw 20/25, she immediately called her mother from the Complete Eye Care office and started crying, telling her mother how clear she could finally see!

Life with Keratoconus is better with Scleral Contact Lenses: Pam’s Story

Pam is from Gastonia, NC and had been diagnosed with keratoconus when she was a child. Pam’s vision slowly decreased as she grew into a teenager and she had to undergo a corneal transplant in each eye in her early teens. Pam was then fit for glasses but was not able to see well out of her glasses because corneal surgery results in irregular astigmatism which is not able to be corrected with eyeglasses.

Pam had tried hard contact lenses but found them to be very uncomfortable. She was not able to tolerate the feel of the hard lens and therefore had to wear glasses and live with poor vision. Pam lived with decreased vision for about 30 years before she came to see Dr. Barbara Marcussen at Complete Eye Care in Belmont, NC. Pam had an eye exam and she was found to have 20/100 and 20/200 vision with her glasses. Pam was not able to see clearly with glasses because of her irregular astigmatism as a result of her corneal transplant. She had a very limited driver’s license which did not allow her to drive on certain roads, at night, and had several other restrictions. Pam took care of her mother and had children so her limited driver’s license severely restricted her quality of life.

Dr. Barbara Marcussen evaluated Pam and decided to fit her in a scleral contact lens. These scleral contact lenses are designed for each individual cornea so Dr. Marcussen was able to design a scleral lens that would correct for all of Pam’s irregular astigmatism. Scleral contact lenses also vault over the entire cornea so they are extremely comfortable since nothing touches the cornea. Scleral contact lenses are extremely safe for anyone who has had any type of corneal surgery since they do not touch the cornea. Dr. Barbara Marcussen took a topography reading of Pam’s cornea and based the scleral contact lens on the 11,000 points she obtained from the topography measurements.

Pam put the scleral lenses on and was able to read 20/25+ vision for the first time in over 30 years!

Pam now has clear and comfortable vision and is able to get a normal non-restrictive driver’s license like everyone else. She is so happy to finally see clearly and we are all so happy for her too!

Scleral Lenses for Bifocal Wearers: Tracie’s Story

Tracie HenryTracie H. from Dallas, North Carolina was seen at Complete Eye Care for her routine eye exam. She wanted to wear contact lenses, however, she was concerned she would not be able to because she needed bifocals. Tracie also had moderate astigmatism and significant dry eyes. Tracie had tried soft contact lenses in the past, but her eyes would dry out quickly and the lenses would become uncomfortable after wearing them for a short time. Also, Tracie did not have good vision in soft contacts because she had astigmatism.

Tracie saw Dr. Barbara Marcussen who recommended scleral contact lenses. Scleral contacts were an excellent solution for Tracie because they correct for all types of astigmatism. Since the scleral contact lens is large, an artificial tear solution can be put into the bowl of the lens. This allows the eye to be bathed in an artificial tear solution all day which helps to treat dry eyes.

Scleral contact lenses are also an excellent choice for people who are over 40 years old and have presbyopia or need reading glasses. A reading portion is easy to put into the lens which allows for distance viewing as well as clear near vision.

Tracie is very pleased with her vision at a distance and up close. She is not experiencing any dry eye symptoms since she started wearing scleral contact lenses. Her vision is much clearer than what she dealt with previously in her soft contact lenses. Tracie is very happy with her decision to be fit in scleral contacts. She is pleased that Complete Eye Care in Belmont provided a solution to her dry eyes, astigmatism, and need for bifocal contact lenses by fitting her in scleral contact lenses.

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