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Corneal Molding Works Long-Term: Emily’s Story

Emily DavisEmily, a native to Mount Holly, NC, still remembers coming to Complete Eye Care when she was nine years old.  She did a lot of dance and wanted a way to correct her nearsightedness that would not involve daytime contact lenses or glasses.  Emily and her mom were excited to hear about a form of Ortho-keratology called GVSS (Gentle Vision Shaping System).  GVSS is a way to correct for nearsightedness that involves simply putting in a contact lens before you go to bed.  The specially designed contact lens then gently corrects your vision while you sleep.  Emily could wake up, take the contact lens out and go all day with clear 20/20 vision in each eye and she did not need any glasses or contact lenses all day.  Emily enjoyed her clear, crisp vision while at dance without having to deal with glasses or contact lenses.

Dr. Barbara Marcussen has now corrected Emily’s vision with GVSS for over ten years.  Emily has maintained clear, crisp vision all day by simply wearing her specially designed GVSS lenses at night only.  Emily is no longer 9 years old, but she is still dancing and is on the dance team at Appalachian State.  She will continue GVSS nightly at college so that she can see clearly in her large lecture halls and also see clearly on the dance team.  Emily is happy her parents choose to do the GVSS system over 10 years ago so that she has maintained her sharp daytime vision without any increase in her nearsightedness as she grew up.  We wish you all the best in college, Emily!

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