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Daily Bifocal Contact Lenses

Many people ask, “Can I have the healthier, more convenient way to wear contact lenses if I need bifocals?”

The answer is yes!  There are many new contact lenses that have recently been available that allow people who need help at a distance and up close see clearly and comfortably.  There are daily bifocal or multifocal contact lenses which means that each day you wear a fresh, clean pair of bifocal contacts.  That allows your eyes to have the healthiest option available.

Daily contact lenses are the healthiest option because when you wear a contact lens, the protein in your tears deposits into the lens.  If you wear the same contact lens from one day to the next, the protein in your tear film continues to deposit.  More and more protein deposits on the lens each day you wear the lens.  This deposited protein prevents oxygen from getting through the lens to your cornea which is not healthy for your delicate corneal tissue.  By wearing daily contacts lenses, which you replace daily, you are always putting a fresh clean lens on the eye.  People who wear daily contact lenses have the healthiest corneas because their corneas get maximum amounts of oxygen every day since they put a fresh clean contact lens on their eye daily.

Now, people who need bifocals can have this same healthy option and get the clear, comfortable vision they need at distance as well as for their reading needs.

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