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Relax Lenses

Shamir Relax™

Ever wonder why you end the work day with absolutely no energy, or motivation to go to the gym, cook a gourmet meal or join your friends at happy hour?  Trust us when we say that you can’t fully blame your job, most of the problem is because of your eyes.

When spending most of your day focusing on near and mid-range objects, you’re bound to suffer from visual fatigue.

When you’re at work (whether you’re on a computer, calculating formulas or taking measurements for a suit) your eyes are working hard to focus on all those objects that are close-up and at a mid-range distance.  This hard work takes a toll on your eyes!


In order for you to focus on these near and mid-range objects, the muscles in your eyes are working non-stop throughout the day…and ultimately get “tired,” therefore making you tired.

To combat this daily monster known as “visual fatigue,” the scientists at Shamir designed Shamir Relax.  It’s a single vision lens with just enough “umph” in it to keep your eyes from doing too much work during the day, ultimately leaving you with the energy you need to enjoy the rest of your day. Get in touch with your eye doctor for more information.

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Shamir Relax™ provides the perfect amount of power (.65D ADD) to ease eye strain.

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