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Why ZEISS Digital Lens?

Your Eyes Can Now Enter The Digital Age.
ZEISS Digital Lens.

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Why ZEISS Digital Lens?

Helps your eyes focus more easily

Stress-free digital device viewing

Ideal for all-day wear

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The Moment Your Eyes Keep Up With Your Digital Life…

ZEISS Digital Lens

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Help Your Eyes Keep Up With Your Life

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You’re Working Smarter, But Your Eyes Are Working Harder

Smart phones and tablets have become essential to your life. But your eyes weren’t designed for digital screens, or the constant refocusing from the screen that comes with frequent smart phone and tablet use. The result: your eyes get tired faster. That’s why 70% of U.S. adult suffer from Digital Eye Strain. And if you’re wearing distance-only glasses or none at all, you’re not getting the relief you need.

Now there’s ZIESS Digital Lens, designed specifically for your digital lifestyle. Only ZEISS Digital lets your eyes move easily between your digital world and real world- and see both with clarity and comfort.

ZEISS Digital Lens gives you a wide, clear view of the world around you, plus an area of extra focusing power designed specifically for viewing digital devices. you’ll enjoy:

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Easier Focusing On Your Devices

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Relief From Digital Eye Strain

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Clarity For All Activities, All Day

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Designed For Your Digital World...

ZIESS Digital Lens:

If Digital Eye Strain is leaving you with tired eyes at the end of the day, talk to your eye care professional.

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