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ZEISS Energize Me Eyeglass Lenses

ZEISS Energize Me Eyeglass Lenses 

For a Comfortable Break From Contacts

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ZEISS Energize Me Eyeglass Lenses

Using computers and digital devices has become an everyday reality for most of us. Heavy use of these devices, especially when wearing contact lenses for an extended period, increases the risk of contact lens discomfort and eye strain.

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Over 90% Of wearers reported a reduction in digital eye strain and feel refreshed with EnergizeMe-Lenses.

Refresh your tired eyes with ZEISS EnergizeMe.

Now, for the first time you can relax your eyes after a long day wearing contacts and still enjoy perfect vision with ZEISS EnergizeMe, a unique combination of three innovative eyeglass technologies


EnergizeMe Design:

A lens design based on the way contact lens wearers use their eyes, reducing eye strain after you take out your contacts.


Digital Inside

This new technology optimizes the lens design for reading both print media and digital devices to avoid further eye strain.



This special coating reduces glare and lessens eye strain caused by harmful blue light emitted from digital screens and artificial lighting.

Refresh your tired eyes.

ZEISS EnergizeMe Eyeglass Lenses

✔ Relax tired eyes.

✔ Reduce digital eye strain.

✔ Enjoy clear and sharp vision!

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