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Gabi See’s Clearer With Custom Contact Lenses


Gabi is 7 years old and was seen at Complete Eye Care in Belmont, NC by Dr. Laura Ashe who performed a complete eye exam and found Gabi to be very nearsighted and also have a high amount of astigmatism. Gabi had worn glasses since she was 2 years old, however Dr. Ashe recommended contact lenses due to Gabi’s very high prescription. People who are very nearsighted see more clearly with contact lenses. Contacts sit right on the cornea of the eye therefore they allow better peripheral vision. Contacts also do not cause the minification of the image size like glasses do for people with high prescriptions. For these reasons, contacts allow better vision for people with high prescriptions. Gabi had a high amount of astigmatism so scleral contact lenses were the best type of contacts for her. Scleral contacts correct for astigmatism better than toric soft contacts by allowing more stable, clear vision. They are also very comfortable and easy to take care of. Gabi was measured for scleral lenses and then these lenses were custom designed just for her based on her own individual corneal topography reading which is based on 11,000 points of power and elevation. This personal individually designed lens then perfectly contours her cornea resulting in clearer more comfortable vision. Gabi put on her scleral contacts and read down the eye chart even further than she did with her glasses. Gabi can’t believe how clear she can see with her specially designed contacts. Scleral contacts sit right on the eye so she does not have any issues with things looking smaller of distorted out to the side that she did when she wore her glasses. Gabi had never worn contact lenses before so she was very pleasantly surprised at how comfortable these contacts were to wear. Gabi is really enjoying the new found freedom she is experiencing with sharper, clearer vision thanks to her scleral contact lenses.

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