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GVSS Helps Xiaomeng Treat Nearsightedness Without Glasses

Xiaomeng is from Charlotte, N.C. She was seen for an eye exam in Charlotte, N.C and was found to be nearsighted. She stated she had trouble seeing at a distance and noticed things were blurry when driving or watching television. Ziaomeng wanted an option to treat her nearsightedness with something other than glasses. Xiaomeng also wanted a way to prevent the progression of myopia or nearsightedness which had come on quickly and caused her decrease in vision.

Alternative Option for Treating Nearsightedness

zhaoXiaomeng made an eye exam appointment with Dr. Barbara Marcussen at Complete Eye Care in Belmont, N.C. and found out she had an excellent way to treat her nearsightedness. Dr. Barbara Marcussen discussed GVSS or Gentle Vision Shaping System which is a specialized form of orthokeratology/ortho k. This involves wearing a specially designed contact lens at night which gently reshapes the cornea during sleep. Upon awakening, the contact lens is simply removed and clear vision is the result which lasts all day.

Xiaomeng chose the option of GVSS and was then fit with specially designed contact lenses which she simply puts in right before she goes to sleep, she then removes the lens in the morning and is able to see clearly all day without any daytime glasses or contact lenses. Xiaomengloves the clear comfortable vision she has by simply wearing the specially designed contact lenses at night only. She is pleased that her clear vision lasts all day long without any daytime glasses. She must simply wear the specially designed contact lenses each night.

Xiaomeng is so happy she chose to do the Wavefront corneal molding (or GVSS) form of orthokeratology with Dr. Barbara Marcussen at Complete Eye Care because she now sees clearly all day long. She really likes knowing that by doing this procedure she is preventing changes in her nearsightedness from getting worse each year. Xiaomeng says this is the best thing she has ever done and she is so pleased she chose to do GVSS or ortho-keratology at Complete Eye Care in Belmont N.C.

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