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Hannah No Longer Loses Her Place While Reading

Hannah is a happy, spunky 7-year old girl who lives in Mt. Holly, North Carolina.  When we first met Hannah at Complete Eye Care for her annual pediatric eye exam, both Hannah and her mom complained that Hannah lost her place frequently when reading, even when using a guide such as her finger.  She also had a tendency to confuse letters and words that looked similar.  Hannah’s mom noted that her daughter’s reading comprehension was great when read to, but not nearly as good when Hannah read to herself.  In addition, her spelling and handwriting were also lower than expected for such an intelligent child. Hannah received extra help at school as well.

Hannah did not need glasses and her eye health was perfect; however, it was found at the vision therapy evaluation that Hannah had trouble making the small reading eye movements needed to read with ease.  This explained why she struggled to keep her place, even with her finger.  Dr. Laura Ashe also identified problems with Hannah’s visual memory, which explained her poor spelling.

After completing vision therapy sessions at Complete Eye Care with vision therapist, Liz, Hannah successfully graduated from a program of vision therapy.  Hannah, her mom, and her grandmother all noticed huge improvements in Hannah’s ability to keep her place when reading.  She is able to spell without as much effort and frustration, and is not confusing letters and words that look similar as much!  Hannah still receives extra help at school, but significantly less extra help than before vision therapy!  Way to go Hannah!  Don’t forget to watch Dr. Ashe’s interview with Hannah, her mom, and grandmother.

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