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Jennifer Gets comfortable Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus

Jennifer is from Gastonia, N.C and has keratoconus. Jennifer was not able to see clearly out of glasses or soft contact lenses because of her keratoconus which causes irregular astigmatism which can only be corrected by special contact lens. She had hard contact lenses in the past that always felt uncomfortable and were hard to keep in her eyes. Jennifer often had to remove the rigid contact lenses after a few hours since they became so uncomfortable. Jennifer was seen at Complete Eye Care in Gaston County by Dr. Barbara Marcussen who specializes in fitting people with keratoconus with specially designed scleral contact lenses. There is a big difference between scleral contact lenses and traditional hard or rigid contact lenses. Scleral contact lenses are fit to each individual eye shape based on a topography reading of 11,000 points. So these scleral contact lenses were custom made just for Jennifer and were large which allowed them to rest on the white part of the eye and not the central cornea part which is the most sensitive. This resulted in an extremely comfortable contact lens for Jennifer. Scleral contact lenses are also able to correct for the irregular astigmatism which is the result of keratoconus. So the result of being fit in scleral contact lenses was Jennifer had the clearest most comfortable vision she has ever experienced. She is so happy with her decision to be fit in scleral contacts and says she recommends these scleral contact lenses to anyone.


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