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Melissa’s Success with Gentle Vision Shaping

Melissa and Orthokeratology in Gaston County, SCMelissa is a teacher in Gaston County Schools and has been a patient of Complete Eye Care in Belmont for years. She had dry eyes years ago when she wore contacts and decided to do GVSS (The Gentle Vision Shaping System).

Now she just sleeps in her specially designed contact lenses at night and then goes all day with crisp clear sharp vision without any daytime glasses or contacts. Melissa was in recently telling us how deciding to do GVSS was the best decision she made years ago.

She enjoys the freedom of teaching all day at school and then running to her children’s after-school activities without dealing with glasses or contacts. Melissa also does not have any dry eye issues during the day because she is not wearing any daytime contacts.

GVSS or orthokeratology is an excellent way to treat nearsightedness because it allows clear comfortable vision all day and also gently prevents changes in the vision. It works like a braces retainer does in that it holds the eye stable all night and prevents changes. Then the specially designed contacts are removed in the morning allowing for crisp sharp vision all day. It works great for children and adults.

Just call our office at 704-228-4404 to see if you are a candidate for this non-surgical way to treat nearsightedness.

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