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We love feedback from our patients. Want to know how GVSS helped others? Then watch our patient testimonials and see how GVSS can help you!

mallory Mallory M.

At times I believe that GVSS was invented just for me!  I have very dry eyes so while contacts were fairly comfortable, even the Acuvue created problems.  I am a dancer so glasses are definitely out of the question.  Laser correction also causes people with dry eyes to have the problem increase.  GVSS was a dream come true!  Thanks to Dr. Marcussen, I can lead a normal college life!

EmilyEmily D.

I really had a help in my life.  I'm not having to constantly look for my glasses or keep up with them.  Especially at dance practice or competition.  Plus you feel like the real you.


Heather G.


Molds have freed me to play sports, exercise and swim and be able to see while doing those things.  It is great to see for 2 days or more without using glasses or contacts.  Being a college student time is scarce, but I just use the molds at night and can see 20/20 for two days with no worry.  It is wonderful to see so clearly.

Kendall C.


I love wearing these @night so I don't have to wear anything during the day.  I play fast pitch softball and volleyball@ school and can see perfectly to play.  My vision is @20/20.  I would recommend these to anyone.  Before the vision shaping I was 20/400!!  I am so glad Dr. Marcussen corrected my vision with the GVSS.

Bob W.

Bob Weigand liked the idea of not wearing contacts any longer. When he heard that Dr. Marcussen could correct his nearsightedness without surgery he decided to try Wavefront Corneal Molding. Bob had both of his eyes corrected for distance and since he is over 40, he wears reading glasses for close work. Bob now wears his molds at night and can see 20/20 at distance all day long without any glasses or contacts. Bob says this has been the best thing for him and is really enjoying the freedom of life without his distance glasses or contacts.

Whittney M.

Whittney had worn contacts for several years. Because she is a teenager and her body is still growing and changing, her eyes will still continue to change each year. Her mother Rhonda decided to let Whittney get Wavefront Corneal Molding because she liked the idea of slowing down any changes in Whittney's vision. Rhonda has had Lasik surgery herself so she understood how nice it was to experience the day without glasses or contacts. Whitney has been wearing her molds every night now and enjoying her life. She says she is able to see clearly all day and is looking forward to this summer when she will be able to swim and enjoy outdoor activities without her glasses or contacts. Her mother is looking forward to not having to get Whitney stronger glasses each year.

Dalton H.

Dalton started wearing glasses when he was six-years-old and each year he became more and more nearsighted as he grew. His mother Kathleen wanted to stop Dalton's eyes from changing as rapidly as he grew so she decided to do Wavefront Corneal Molding. Dalton had never worn contact lenses before yet he has handled his molds very well. He wears his molds every night and he is seeing clearly all day at school and for sports without his glasses. He has maintained 20/20 vision without any change in his prescription. Dalton definitely gives Wavefront Corneal Molding two thumbs up!

Samantha M.

Sam wore contact lenses for years, however, her eyes would slowly dry out during the day. Samantha was on a computer all day at work and her eyes would become more uncomfortable as the day went on. She decided against laser surgery because she did not want to have anything that involved cutting on her eyes. She then decided to try Wavefront Corneal Molding when she heard that it did not involve any surgery. Now Sam wears her molds every other night and maintains clear vision all day and night for 48 hours. She no longer has the problem of her eyes drying out at the computer and she is thrilled with her decision to have Wavefront Corneal Molding!

Melodie G.

Melodie Guffey had corneal molding done seven months ago and has not worn her glasses since. She is experiencing 20/20 vision uncorrected and can now see well in school without her glasses. Her vision has remained stable and clear by her wearing her molds every other night to sleep. She then does not need her glasses all day to maintain 20/20 vision. Melodie says the best part of corneal molding is not having to keep up with her glasses.

Jim T.

Jim Thayer is 57 years old and had corneal molding done six months ago. He is now 20/20 without his glasses and enjoys the freedom this has give him. He wanted to have clear vision without surgery and heard about Wavefront Corneal Molding from another patient of Complete Eye Care. He decided to try it for himself and how he can enjoy playing golf and racquetball without wearing his glasses. Jim says that he "highly recommends the molding for everyone and that he has never seen clearer in his life!"

Travis S.

Travis had Wavefront corneal molding done in September 2005. This is what Travis had to say about Wavefront Corneal Molding: "When I found out I was a candidate for corneal molds, I was nervous about wearing them while I slept. After wearing them overnight, I was surprised to wake up and see better than ever. I could go rafting, see the blackboard at school, read sheet music for my guitar, and take driving lessons without wearing glasses or contacts during the day. I've been wearing my molds for two years and I can't imagine hassling with glasses or contacts anymore. The molds are magical. Seeing is believing!"

Sue B.


Sue had corneal molding done February 2006. This is what Sue had to say about her molding: "The best part about my molding is not thinking about contacts. I enjoy going to the beach and now I do not have to worry about sand getting into my contacts or the hassle of trying to wear my glasses with sunglasses over top. My vision has never been as clear as with the molds. I am really enjoying the freedom of life with corneal molding. Wearing the molds overnight is super simple; I just put them in at night and do not think about it. I really am enjoying the freedom of the molds!"

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