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Our patients talk about their Myopia Control Experience

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We were sitting here laughing; we don't remember how long you've done this. -Yeah, it's been a while. I went back in my system, and it was at least eight years. So do you remember what it was like when you first started? When I first started using the gentle vision shaping, it was like, before then, my eyes were getting worse every time I came to the eye doctor. So it seemed like, you know, I was always needing a stronger prescription.

But then when I started using them, my eyes haven't gotten worse since then. I think my eye health is better because when I was on the other contacts, you know, it's like 'Oh well, I wasn't cleaning them good enough' or you know, it had that extra protein and things in my eyes. So my eyes weren't as healthy. But I feel like my eyes are healthier now. They look healthier, as your eye doctor, I'll tell you that.

My prescription hasn't gotten worse since then. And then, just as far as daily things go, I don't have to worry about, 'Oh, I'm going running, I have to my contacts in or if I wear glasses they're gonna fall off my face.' and the gentle vision shaping lenses, I feel they're really portable. So you know just have like my little container that they're in their solution and I have my little eye drops and so they're easy to like a pack with you if you're going somewhere. It's not like this huge system of things that you have to carry around it's pretty easy they're pretty portable and so when I travel they're easier to take with me.

I don't have to worry about, 'Do I have enough contacts to bring with me?' like Dailies or that kinda thing. And with glasses, I was always breaking my glasses or scratching my glasses I don't have to worry about that anymore either. You've done pretty well, considering you've done it for so long, starting as a child, and now you told you to have your first real job.

Yeah, I mean, running behind eighteen 6 & 7-year-olds, I don't have to worry about 'Are my glasses going to get gross?' Because they always want to love on you and they touch your face and your glasses and things. And so I don't have to worry about that. I mean, it just makes daily life easier. Good, well, I just thought it would be good for others to hear your, what it's been like over the years of doing it.

Because, usually your eye, a lot of times, as children, because they grow and change, your eye does get worse and worse every year. Mm-hmm yeah and so it was doing that, but it hasn't since then. I used to wear contacts, the vision shaping, I used to do it, I think like every three nights or four nights, something like that and now it's about every other night, which I know is pretty good because some people have to do it every night, but mine hasn't been like that.

I wear them every other night and I have really good vision. And then if I, you know, if I forget and I skip it, you know, it's every three nights or something, it's still fine. My vision is not terrible. It gradually will start to get a little bit worse, back to its normal. Well, it's done great for you. Just when I looked at my system I said, "oh my gosh, how long has it been!"

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Mikala is from Gastonia, NC and was in our office and decided to tell us what she has thought about doing the GVSS (Gentle Vision Shaping System) for over 8 years. She loves seeing clearly all day without any daytime glasses or contacts. She says her vision has not changed at all in all that time.

She has gone through lots of changes from high school, college and now her first job as a teacher. In all that time her eyesight has remained the same thanks to her specially designed contacts that she wears at night. Hear in her own words what she had to say.

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