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Piper Aged 11-Glasses Free and Loving It!

Piper wears orthok gvss contacts while she sleeps

Piper came for an eye exam at Complete Eye Care in Belmont because she once again needed stronger glasses. In fact, she needed stronger and stronger glasses each year in order to be able to see the board at school or watch TV. Each year as Piper grew her eyes got weaker and weaker and the strength of her glasses needed to be increased. Piper’s parents wanted to try to find a solution to prevent Piper from becoming more nearsighted each year. Since Piper was only 11 they knew she would continue to grow for several more years which would mean many more years of worsening vision and stronger glasses.

Piper’s parents were very excited to learn that Dr. Barbara Marcussen at Complete Eye Care had a perfect solution for Piper. In fact, not only would it slow down her rapidly changing eyes, it would also allow Piper to see 20/20 clear, crisp vision all day without any daytime glasses or contact lenses. The solution is a form of orthokeratology which involves a wavefront contact lens that is individually designed to perfectly reshape Piper’s eyes easily and comfortably as she sleeps!

Dr. Marcussen is a certified wave designer with 15 years’ experience designing lenses using Wavefront designs. Wavefront designs allow for better results and more consistent vision than older more traditional forms of orthokeratology. This system is the Gentle Vision Shaping System and it allows Piper to simply put in her wavefront designed orthokeratology scleral contact lens before bed and then remove the lens upon waking. She is left with crisp, sharp, 20/20 vision all day without any glasses or contact lenses. The best part is Piper’s vision will not go through such dramatic changes each year. These lenses act like a braces retainer for the eye by slowing down changes each year in the prescription.

Piper’s parents felt good about their decisions to put Piper in these specially designed orthokeratology lenses also known as the Gentle Vision Shaping System because they know Dr. Barbara Marcussen’s own daughter used this type of specially designed contact lenses for years and her nearsightedness had not changed. They knew that if the doctor would put their own daughter in the lenses at the age of 8, then they felt it would be a safe and effective solution for their child. Piper was seeing 20/20 all day long three days after starting to wear her nighttime contacts to correct her nearsightedness.

She is excited to be able to go to the pool and ocean this summer and jump in and see clearly. Her parents are most excited that they have finally found a solution to prevent Piper’s eyes from getting words and worse each year.

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