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Poor Handwriting, Poor Grades, & Headaches Are No Longer

Marin was 10 when her mother brought her in for a Vision therapy evaluation.   Marin  was not  performing well  in school, her grades were poor, even though she was bright.  Her hand writing was poor.  She also reported headaches that she just accepted as part of life.   A vision therapy evaluation revealed that Marin had trouble using both eyes well together, that one of her eyes suppressed (stopped sending the brain an image, because  she could not merge the pictures of her eyes when things were close to her.) She had trouble adjusting to seeing something close, then far away.  For example, looking from her book to the board and back, was difficult because they were blurry upon changing her gaze.  She also had trouble remembering what she had seen.

Marin is responding well to vision therapy.  Her headaches have diminished significantly.   She is very excited about her EOG's (End of Grade testing) because she got the highest score or next to the highest on her tests. This was the first time she had done well on the testing.  Her ability to look from near to far without blurriness has also improved.

If your child is struggling with poor handwriting, headaches, and poor grades, that may signify a learning issue that is vision related. Our eye doctors provide advanced vision therapy treatment in the Charlotte area. Learn more about vision therapy.

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