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Post Lasik Complications? Scleral Contacts Can Help

LASIK left Lori with poor vision

Lori lives in Mount Holly, North Carolina, and she had Lasik surgery in Charlotte, N.C. several years ago. Her Lasik surgery results were not what she had hoped so her Lasik surgeon recommended an enhancement procedure to improve her vision after Lasik. Lori ended up having multiple Lasik procedures trying to get clearer vision. Unfortunately, she ultimately ended up with extremely poor vision in each eye. Her eye prescription ended up being 20 steps of farsightedness due to overcorrection from the Lasik procedure and 20 steps of astigmatism which resulted from the multiple procedures. Lori was miserable with her results and wanted to find out if anyone could help her get clear vision again after her poor Lasik results.

The safest option for post LASIK complications

Lori made an appointment as a new patient with Dr. Barbara Marcussen at Complete Eye Care in Belmont, N.C. because she heard Dr. Marcussen specialized in helping people who had poor Lasik results achieve clear vision again.

Dr. Marcussen gave Lori an eye exam where she found Lori to have irregular astigmatism from her Lasik surgery and a very high prescription. Lori’s best option for clear vision after Lasik surgery was a Scleral contact lens because it would correct for the higher amounts of astigmatism, farsightedness, and be safe for her corneas. People who have had multiple surgeries often end up with corneal scars, as was the case with Lori. A scleral lens was the safest option since it vaults over the cornea and does not touch the cornea like a soft contact lens.

Scleral lenses helped Lori after Lasik

Dr. Marcussen is a certified WAVE designer and she personally designs all the Scleral lenses she fits. This ensures a custom fit lens thereby creating the best comfort and vision possible with a contact lens. Dr. Marcussen designed a Scleral lens for Lori based on a topography reading of 11,000 points on Lori’s cornea. Lori put the Scleral contact lens on and was absolutely thrilled with how extremely sharp her vision was. Lori was very excited to have comfortable vision again. Since the Scleral contact lens was designed to vault over her damaged cornea, it was extremely comfortable. Lori was able to fill the Scleral contact lens with preservative-free Oasis Tears Plus which bathed the cornea in a nice wet smooth solution all day long so Lori’s eyes were not dry like they were after her Lasik Surgery. Lori is very happy she was fit in her custom Scleral contact lenses. She can now see the facial expressions of her two small children which she was unable to do after Lasik surgery due to her poor results. Lori feels like being fit in her custom-designed WAVE Scleral lenses has been a gift of restored sight.

Learn more about how Scleral lenses can help.

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