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Q& A with a Vision Therapist

Our media specialist sat down with one of our newest vision therapists, Janet, and discussed her passion for vision therapy and the patients she works with.  Here is just a snippet of her interview:

What do you enjoy most about vision therapy?

I love helping patients overcome visual problem that formerly held them back in academics, sports, and work.  It’s wonderful to watch a child or adult, who thinks they aren’t intelligent, improve their visual system enough so that it no longer interferes with their performance.  They become much more self-confident!  As a former Director of Education at a literary council, I saw firsthand the cumulative effects of a lifetime of failure on the students.  These students often ad poorly functioning visual systems.  They thought of themselves as stupid, as failures.  This wasn’t the case, they just needed help that they never got.

What has been your most memorable experience at Complete Eye Care?

Watching a patient feel so proud of his accomplishment that he actually giggled!  He used to get easily upset and cry if he did not perform well.

What are some of the differences you have seen with children you have worked with?

First of all, their self-confidence really begins to increase.  Areas that were once frustrating become easier and the kids learn that they can master things that confounded them before.  They become less stressed, happier, and more confident.

How has Dr. Hilary Gesford worked with you to ensure that the kids are exceeding expectations?

Dr. Hilary Gesford has taken the time to train me personally in vision therapy.  Her expertise is invaluable in understanding vision therapy and the methods involved.  She is available for any questions and monitors the patients’ progress and our treatment plans daily.  This assures that each patient receives the treatment best suited for him/her.

Since our vision therapy program has grown so rapidly, Complete Eye Care has hired Janet as a highly-trained vision therapist.  In all, we have two fully dedicated vision therapists and two vision therapy evaluation technicians.  All of our staff members are willing and excited to help you and your children excel in vision therapy.

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