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Scleral Lenses Help to Improve Vision after LASIK surgeries: Monica’s Story

Monica young

Monica lives in Candler, North Carolina and had Lasik eye surgery on both eyes. She did not get the results she wanted from her Lasik surgery so she had a couple of enhancement surgeries as well. Monica was left with decreased vision in both eyes after her Lasik eye surgery and had extremely poor night vision. She could not drive at night and often felt like she was struggling to see everyday things even with glasses. She had to wear glasses all the time after her surgery but her vision was still not clear with her glasses on.

Monica searched on the internet to see what her options were for decreased vision after Lasik surgery. She learned that Complete Eye Care specializes in hard to fit contacts. Monica found from her research that Dr. Barbara Marcussen is a certified wave designer who fits scleral lenses for people with irregular corneas due to eye diseases such as keratoconus or from prior surgery such as Lasik or corneal transplant surgery.

After she found information on Dr. Barbara Marcussen at Complete Eye Care, she decided to drive two hours to Belmont, North Carolina to see if she could find a solution to her blurry and distorted vision.

Monica was seen by Dr. Barbara Marcussen who has been fitting scleral contacts for people who have undergone Lasik surgery and still have decreased vision. Because Monica had several enhancement eye surgeries she had a lot of resultant astigmatism which caused distorted vision that traditional glasses are not able to correct.

Monica was fit with a corneal map which detects 11,000 points on her cornea and then Dr. Barbara Marcussen designed a precise lens just for Monica’s individual eye shape. The scleral lens vaulted over the cornea so nothing touched her cornea. This resulted in an extremely comfortable lens. Scleral lenses are also an excellent choice for people who undergo Lasik surgery because they often end up with dry eyes and scleral contact lenses help treat dry eyes. Monica no longer has dry eye issues after being fit with her custom scleral lenses.

Monica is thrilled with her very clear vision and is exceptionally happy with the comfort of the scleral contact lenses. Dr. Barbara Marcussen uses OCT images to measure down the 100th of a millimeter to ensure the scleral lenses are always extremely comfortable.  She is always thrilled to see someone like Monica achieve 20/20 corrected vision with scleral lenses.

Monica is happy she found a solution to her decreased vision after Lasik surgery with scleral contact lenses at Complete Eye Care.

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