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Kyle’s Scleral Lens Story

kyle murphy

Kyle has a very high prescription and has a lot of astigmatism so he has always worn toric soft contact lenses which correct for his astigmatism. He came to Complete Eye Care in Belmont, NC to get some new contact lenses. He was excited to learn from Dr. Barbara Marcussen that he was a good candidate for scleral lenses.

These lenses are large like a soft lens so they are very comfortable. They are able to correct for astigmatism and since Kyle has 12 step of astigmatism, they are a perfect solution for him. He had a topography reading of his eye which measures about 11,000 points on his cornea. So, the lens was custom designed just for him based on 11,000 points on his cornea.

He came in to pick up his new contacts and could not believe how comfortable they were! Kyle was thrilled with his crisp sharp vision which the scleral lenses provided. He had he has never seen better. The best part it they do not move around on his eyes causing blurred vision at times like his soft toric contact lenses used to do. Now his vision is clear and stable during the day.

Kyle is so excited to have such sharp vision because he is extremely nearsighted and has so much astigmatism. He wishes he had known about scleral lenses before but this was his first time to Complete Eye Care. He leaned Dr. Barbara Marcussen is a certified wave design fitter and she is only one of a select group across the United States that designed these custom scleral lenses. Kyle is thankful for his clear sharp vision and glad he decided to wear scleral lenses.