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Lisa’s Journey From Lasik To Scleral Contacts

woman smiling leaning on railingLisa lives in Gastonia, North Carolina and had Lasik surgery a few years ago. She was nearsighted and wanted to experience clear vision and hoped Lasik surgery would be that answer.

Lisa had Lasik surgery in Charlotte, NC and saw clearly without glasses or contact lenses just after her surgery.

Lisa, however, noticed a decrease in her vision shortly after her Lasik surgery. She also noticed her eyes getting very dry and uncomfortable even though she used lubricating eye drops several times per day. Lisa’s vision continued to decrease and this deteriorated vision started to affect her daily life tasks. She noticed she could not see clearly enough to make out her children’s facial expressions.

Lisa made an appointment at Complete Eye Care in Belmont, NC and saw Dr. Barbara Marcussen for an exam. Lisa was found to have a very complicated prescription. She now has 20 steps of farsightedness and 20 steps of Astigmatism. Lisa also had corneal scaring on her cornea and blood vessels growing into her cornea. Glasses would not be a good option to correct Lisa’s visual problems because of all of the Astigmatism which resulted from Lisa’s poor LASIK surgery results. People who have large amounts of Astigmatism get visual distortions from glasses, so she was not able to wear glasses after her LASIK surgery to correct for astigmatism. Lisa would not be able to wear soft contact lenses because of the scaring and blood vessels on her corneas.

So, Dr. Barbara Marcussen fit Lisa in a scleral contact lens. Scleral contact lenses can be fitted to each person individually by taking a topography reading of 11,000 points on the cornea. This way the cuts on the cornea from LASIK surgery can be taken into account. Scleral lenses fit to vault over the cornea so are safe for corneal scars and have even been safe for people with corneal transplants.

Lisa came back to get her scleral contact lenses and was extremely overwhelmed at how clear her vision was. She said she had not seen like that in years and could not believe how comfortable her new scleral contact lenses were.

The dry eyes caused by the LASIK has also been treated by the scleral contact lenses since an artificial tear can be inserted into the bowl of the scleral contact lens before the scleral contact lens is placed on the eye. This results in clear comfortable vision all day long.

Scleral contact lenses are a safe, comfortable way to correct vision after LASIK surgery if the surgery results end up not being what was expected.

Lisa is very thrilled with the vision and comfort from her scleral contact lenses.