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Sharon No Longer Experiences Dryness or Discomfort


Sharon is a 58 year old woman from Gastonia, NC and she noticed that her eyes were getting more and more dry as she got older. She had tried several types of contact lenses however they all felt dry in here eyes after just a short time and her vision would get fuzzy. Sharon had some astigmatism which made it difficult to get good vision in soft contact lenses. She wore glasses all the time to see clear, however she did not like having to always have glasses on her face.

She came to Complete Eye Care in Belmont NC and saw Dr. Barbara Marcussen who specializes in scleral contact lenses.

Scleral contacts are ideal for people who have dry eyes because before inserting the lens, a preservative free artificial tear solution is placed in the bowl of the lens which gently bathes the cornea or front part of the eye preventing any dryness from occurring. For this reason, scleral contact lenses are much better than soft contacts lenses for people with dry eyes.

Scleral contact lenses also correct for astigmatism better than soft contacts and correct for higher amounts of astigmatism. Scleral contacts are very comfortable since they rest on the conjunctiva or the white part of the eye just like a soft contact lens.

Sharon was happy to know that Dr. Barbara Marcussen fits Wave scleral contact lenses which are the most custom fit contacts available. They were individually designed based on a topography reading of 11,000 points on Sharon’s cornea. That means they were custom designed and made just for her individual cornea.

Sharon put on her scleral lenses and was amazed at how comfortable they were. The best part is after she wore them all day, she did not experience any dryness or discomfort like she had in the past with soft contact lenses. Sharon says she is simply amazed at how crisp and sharp her vision is with her scleral contact lenses from Complete Eye Care. She loves not having to wear her glasses all day long and is thrilled to have been fit into custom designed scleral contact lenses from Dr. Barbara Marcussen at Complete Eye Care.

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