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Sjogren’s Disease Can Cause Dry Eyes, Easily Treated by Scleral Contacts

KevinKevin, who lives in Gaston County, came to Complete Eye Care after researching doctors who specialize in scleral contact lenses near Charlotte.  He has Sjogren’s disease, which causes him to have severely dry eyes and mouth.  He was fit at Ohio State University Medical Center with a scleral contact lens to treat his severe dry eye.  He moved to North Carolina and needed to find another optometrist when he broke his scleral lens.

Kevin had an injury as a child to his left eye which resulted in his losing the vision out of his left eye.  He still wore a contact lens in both eyes due to the extreme dry eye caused by his Sjogren’s disease.  A scleral contact lens is an excellent treatment for the extreme dry eye caused by this disease.

Dr. Barbara Marcussen at Complete Eye Care in Belmont was able to take a topography reading of 11,000 points on Kevin’s cornea.  She then designed a specialized scleral contact lens that fits Kevin’s unique eye shape.  Kevin simply inserts preservative-free artificial tears get into the bowl of the scleral lens before he inserts the lens.  Then, while he wears the lens, his eye is bathed in this soft, silky fluid which prevents corneal damage from Sjogren’s Disease.

When Kevin came to see Dr. Barbara Marcussen in Belmont, he was unable to see clear enough to drive and was in constant pain due to severe keratitis and corneal edema secondary to dryness from Sjogren’s Disease.  After wearing the scleral contacts for about two weeks, he was able to see 20/25 out of his one functioning eye and his eye was pain-free.  Kevin is thrilled with the way the new scleral contact lens has improved his eye comfort as well as his vision.

He is so glad he researched people in the Charlotte Metro area as well as Lake Wylie and Clover, South Carolina until he discovered Dr. Barbara Marcussen who specializes in treating diseased corneas with scleral contact lenses.

Kevin is so happy Complete Eye Care was able to find a treatment for his extremely dry eyes secondary to Sjogren’s disease by fitting him in a scleral contact lens.

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