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Solutions for Computer Eye Strain

People are on the computer much longer than we have ever been before.  Often, people are on a computer for at least part of their work day and then go home and look at Facebook or check emails.  Sometimes this screen time is done on even smaller handheld devices like cell phones.  All of this computer time causes eye fatigue and strain as well as dry eyes.

Studies show that when we are looking at a computer, our blink rate drops at least in half.  That means if you blink at a certain rate normally, you will only blink at half that rate on the computer.  This results in dry eyes.  One solution for the dry eyes that naturally occurs with computer use is to use non-preserved artificial tears like Oasis Tears.  The reason to use non-preserved artificial tears is because artificial tears that are not “preservative-free” contain preservatives which can become toxic to the eye when used with any regularity or frequency.

The human eye was not developed to stare for long periods of time close up.  Our lifestyle has evolved to mean greater amounts of time on the computer and other digital devices.  Make sure to apply the 20-20-20 rule.  Every 20 minutes of near work on a digital device should be followed by looking 20 feet away for 20 seconds.  This allows the eyes a break in the accommodative system of the eye that has to work in order for us to focus up close.  It also allows us to blink at our normal rate instead of the reduced rate we use when focused on a computer.  You can also reduce eye strain caused by extended computer use by using computer glasses.  Computer glasses such as the “anti-fatigue glasses” can be used for people under 40 years old.  They add a small amount of plus power to ease eye strain and fatigue from several hours of near work on phones and computers.

People over 40 have unique needs and can benefit from “workspace computer glasses” which allow clear vision at the desktop computer distance of arm’s length as well as near vision reading distance.  These glasses also give clear vision out to about five feet.  Because they focus so clearly at a desktop computer, they prevent all the head tilts and turns that regular progressive lenses or lined bifocals cause on a computer.  These lenses not only prevent eye strain but also help prevent neck, back, and shoulder strain by allowing more natural posture while using the computer.

Workspace computer glasses are used by Dr. Barbara Marcussen of Complete Eye Care in Belmont while seeing patients since they allow her to focus clearly at the desktop computer, papers at a desk, and patients sitting in the exam chair across from her.

Complete Eye Care has had several patients from across Gaston County and the Charlotte Metro are enjoy the benefits of computer glasses.  People who work in banking, hairdressers, carpenters, and several other professionals have enjoyed the clear vision provided by workspace computer glasses.

Call Complete Eye Care today to see how you can decrease the eye strain caused by computers and digital devices.

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