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I highly recommend!!!!

GREAT office all around! I have visited many eye care facilities in Charlotte and surrounding areas and have never received such courteous and friendly service as Complete Eye Care offers. The office is very clean, there are always many staff members up front to assist you AND they're very friendly! I was not too clear on my insurance coverage when it came to contacts - they were very knowledgeable and were able to SHOW me exactly what was covered and how much my out-of-pocket expense would be at the visit as well as for my purchases. I was given full attention throughout the whole visit, giving me many opportunities to voice any concerns.
Dr. Marcussen is the only Dr. I visited - she is very friendly and has a sense of humor, makes you very comfortable in this setting. She discusses everything with you and talks to your throughout your entire exam to put you at ease. At no point throughout my visit did I feel rushed or put aside, which happens too often at an appointment.
I highly recommend!!!!

- Anna H. Charlotte NC

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