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The best contact lenses for dancers & athletes

Kaitlyn is a high school student who is very nearsighted and is on her school dance team. She can’t perform her dance routines with her glasses on so she was fit in soft contact lenses. Kaitlyn however always experienced dry or irritated eyes whenever she wore her soft contacts. Kaitlyn seemed to always experience dry and irritated eyes whenever she wore her soft contact lenses for very long. She tried using rewetting drops but she still experience irritated and red eyes.

Kaitlyn’s mother heard about the GVSS or Gentle Vision Shaping System and wondered if it would work for Kaitlyn since she had so many issues wearing soft contact lenses. She saw Dr. Barbara Marcussen at Complete Eye Care in Belmont, NC who said she thought Kaitlyn would be a great candidate for this form of ortho-k or orthokeratology. These lenses are simply wore at night only and they gently and easily reshape the cornea so that it is no longer nearsighted. This then allows the person doing GVSS to see clearly all day and only wear the lenses at night.

This means Kaitlyn would be seeing 20/20 clear crisp vision without any daytime glasses or contact lenses. So, she could see the board all day long at school without any blear or discomfort. She could do her dance team routines without worrying about her glasses falling down. She just simply needed to wear the specially designed GVSS lenses at night right before she went to bed and they would slowly and easily reshape her corneas as she slept.

Kaitlyn was back in the office after wearing the lenses for one week and was thrilled at her clear sharp vision all day. She loves the freedom of not wearing any glasses or soft contacts all day long and really enjoys her clear sharp vision. Kaitlyn says it is wonderful to be able to perform her dance routine while seeing clearly. The best part for her is that she does not have any irritation or discomfort with her GVSS specially designed lenses to gently correct her nearsightedness as she sleeps. She says getting the GVSS lenses was the best way to correct her nearsightedness!

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