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Vision Therapy Helps Jacobs Double Vision and Reading


Jacob is a young man who loves playing basketball and watching the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He came into Complete Eye care because he was having double vision, and was having a hard time reading and copying from the board.  It seemed that Jacob’s depth perception was off because he was frequently clumsy. Jacob would also reverse letters likes b’s and d’s.  He did not want to tell his mom his problems because he did not want anything to be wrong with his eyes.

Jacob came into Complete Eye Care in July of 2017 for an annual pediatric eye exam.  Dr. Ashe recommended that Jacob have a vision therapy evaluation to see if vision therapy would benefit him.   Jacob was recommended vision therapy to help with his visual problems, and he worked with Vision Therapist Liz, with much success.

Following Jacob’s graduation from vision therapy, positive changes were noted.   First of all, Jacob’s self-esteem improved tremendously. He no longer held his head down walking into therapy or talking with others.  Jacob sat straight in his chair, while his head was no longer tilting. His reading became more fluent, and the double vision dissipated.  He reported that his grades had improved and he could now see the board in class without any problems. Mom was excited to see Jacob’s handwriting become more legible and neat. Jacob is also doing better in basketball, which makes him happy.   A job well done, Jacob!

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