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Improve Your Eyesight Overnight!

The Gentle Vision Shaping System (known as GVSS) has allowed hundreds of our previously nearsighted patients to see clearly without any surgery or daytime glasses or contacts.

The best advantage of this system is its ability to stop the eyes of patients from getting worse and worse every year.

The way the GVSS program works is by taking a reading of over 11,000 points on the cornea.  Then, a specially designed contact lens is individually manufactured for each individual patient based on all 11,000 points.  Dr. Barbara Marcussen is the only certified wave designer in the Charlotte metro area so only her patients can experience the freedom of no daytime glasses or contacts without surgery with this advanced wavefront form of ortho-keratology.  Our patients simply put on the specially designed contact lens at night and then remove the lens when they wake up.  They can then see clearly all day without glasses or contacts.

The specially designed contact lens acts like a braces retainer at night.  It prevents the eyes from changing so people who do GVSS (ortho-k) experience more stable vision with fewer changes in their prescription each year.

Many children who previously did not do GVSS experienced a worsening of their vision each year.  Now, thanks to GVSS, those same children do not see a change in their prescription each year.  They have clear daytime vision without any glasses or contacts.

Children who inherit a nearsighted gene will tend to have their glasses or contacts strengthened each year as they grow. Generally, every time a child grows, the prescription gets worse if they have inherited this nearsighted gene.

Before GVSS, patients would need their prescription strengthened each year.  Now we have an option to slow down, and sometimes stop, this nearsighted progression.

The age range of our GVSS patients is from age 7 to 65.  The GVSS specially designed contacts are worn only at night.  Often times, parents insert the lenses for younger children until they learn how to do it for themselves.

Many adults enjoy the freedom of life without glasses or contacts during the day also.  They enjoy their active lifestyles without worrying about their glasses or contacts.  Our Facebook posts routinely feature some of the patients that have enjoyed the freedom of GVSS.

There are some new advances in the area of GVSS and we are now able to treat certain amounts of farsightedness also.  This is an exciting advancement that many patients have been waiting for!

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